StorMagic Obtains Soleratec for Digital Asset Management

Software-defined storage solutions company StorMagic recently acquired SoleraTec to expand its offerings to include ARQvault, a video, and evidence management technology, according to a press release by StorMagic. This is the second major acquisition within a year.

SoleraTec is a company that creates video and digital asset management software, focused on corporate customers. Its ARQvault is expected to be a valuable addition to Stormagic’s suite of products.

ARQvault is a “video surveillance and digital evidence management solution” that uses an active intelligent repository, the first in the industry to do so. This service also helps customers lower costs without compromising its data gathering, storing, and accessibility features.

StorMagic Digital Asset Management

To make data storage accessible and efficient, ARQvault stores them as objects on any kind of data storage. This includes all-flash disk systems, SAN, NAS, tape, cloud, or optical options.

This addition is expected to improve StorMagic’s potentials. According to a Blocks and Files report, CRO and board member Brian Grainger, said, “Now armed with virtual SAN, encryption key management and video solutions, StorMagic can truly deliver a forever data platform to address the needs of our edge customers.”

As per a CRN report, Bruce Kornfeld, StorMagic’s chief marketing officer, and chief product officer echo this optimism saying, “SoleraTec brought to us this ability to tier data between different classes of storage.”

What will make this acquisition a great move for StorMagic is its potential to elevate the company’s offerings. Kornfeld said, “The differentiator here is that we can move these bit objects of video from disk to tape to optical to the cloud, whatever the customer wants.”

“The point is, get it off the expensive disk, because you don’t need it there all the time, and move it to lower-cost tiers, but always keep it active and available for searching.”

While the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, the press release revealed that this move is the second major acquisition StorMagic made in 12 months, with KeyNexus being the first.

KeyNexus was expected to enhance its security offerings, especially as the security company focused on providing enterprise key management solutions. This acquisition was the company’s answer to its customer’s concerns about security, protection, and privacy.

With the addition of SoleraTec, StorMagic would be able to provide efficient, effective, and secure solutions to its customers. It also helps the firm transition from storage and security to a data management company.