StorOne Advances Storage Offers with Data Protection


As a way to build an integrated storage system, New York-based enterprise storage provider StorOne announced a data protection suite.

According to the company, the StorOne Data Protection suite has more muscle to safeguard content on the storage systems. The technology uses erasure coding to completely stripe data across racks, drives, and physical data centers or sites.


The only way to access deleted data is through a faulty S1 host, but this isn’t going to happen. StorOne also features replication capabilities of up to 16 snapshot targets, including the AFAn systems.

StorOne Advances Storage Offers

The storage vendor also said they are able to come up with these new enhancements due to the increasing demand of the customers. In chief product officer George Crump’s word, “This [Protection Suite] is the biggest ask we were getting from customers.”


Prior to this release, the only way to recover files is through an existing host, which has the disaster recovery feature. Now, with even better storage capabilities and data erasure procedures, it’s more efficient to access and stripe data altogether.

Enterprises can benefit from these enhancements, especially those using large amounts of data, including banks, healthcare centers, educational institutions, and retail brands. StorOne said its target market for this new release is companies using more than 2PB of data.

For only $60,000, enterprises can enjoy an online portal with the indicated pricing and inclusions. The biggest takeaway is probably the ability to combine S1 on Intel Optane SSD and quad-level cell NAND SSDs.

Moreover, the new offering also supports block files, object protocols, and TCP/IP arrays, under the NVMe-oF and Remote Direct Memory Access.

Unified Storage

Last June, the storage vendor introduced an Intel Optane array with software-defined storage technology. This promises reduction in costs when maintaining storage facilities and physical storage.

The Data Protection Suite maximizes the performance of the storage facilities and centers while keeping everything in a simplified and unified container. This targets unstructured data workloads.

The company also accelerates restoration and duplication, consolidated in multiple platforms. The update also supports NAS and Volume Shadow Copy Service, and bare-metal machines.

StorOne ensures that this new update has better performance, with solid features to maximize data storing and backup. The vRAID coding also nudges the storage racks, more advanced than market competitors.

The Data Protection Suite also supports the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and object quotas on NAS.