SugarCRM Offers SugarPredict AI Engine For Marketing Automation

SugarCRM reported that it is widening the use of its SugarPredict AI engine. The system will be available for marketing automation use and for other customer support tasks and sales operations.

SugarPredict is a provider of customer service management solutions. It stated that it would assist customers with using artificial intelligence for fast and reliable marketing lead certification and prioritization.

According to the software firm, the new service would enable businesses to benefit from AI’s prediction capability without having to invest in technological knowledge or incur extra expenses.

SugarCRM Offers SugarPredict AI Engine

Craig Charlton, CEO of SugarCRM, said that firms from several sectors had expressed dissatisfaction with their CRM’s high maintenance requirements.

“Our industry is supposed to make the customer experience easier to manage with technology. It’s time to make customer experience technology easier to manage too,” he said.

“Extending SugarPredict to marketing automation is another proof point for our value proposition of letting the platform do the work.”

As per the firm, the SugarPredict framework will use AI to evaluate activity and conversion data from Sugar Market with predictive lead scoring. SugarPredict was formerly available only to Sugar Sell users, but it is now open to all Sugar Market consumers.

Over half of the total customers surveyed questioned the worth of their CRM programs, assuming it was costing them money, as shown in a study published this year by the firm.

Customer support centers are still struggling to achieve a greater understanding of their clients, and the new system, according to the firm, would be able to more effectively integrate every data on customers.

Joe DiLeo, Positive Promotion’s Vice President of Business Technology, said in a comment that he believes the new system would allow his organization to leverage on its 75-year legacy.

“We believe the new AI models for Sugar Market are very compelling and will help us efficiently leverage our existing customer base as well as calibrate our efforts to capture new opportunities,” he said.

“Insights into behavior will allow us to streamline the customer experience and offerings to better meet demand and drive the right kind of business growth,” he added.

Brant Myers, Terradatum’s Client Services Manager, said “We are excited about the potential to increase predictability and to accelerate deal velocity through the pipeline with SugarPredict.”

For its cloud computing and AI-driven system, SugarCRM, founded in 2004, has since been a significant player in sales, marketing, and customer support.