Supermetrics Raises €40m in Series B Round for Marketing Data


Finnish marketing technology startup company Supermetrics announced late Monday night, August 24, 2020, its successful foray into a Series B investment round. The company reportedly raised €40 million for its marketing data automation transfers.

Highland Europe led the Series B funding round, reports Crunchbase News. Apart from Highland Europe, IVP also participated in the said investment round, joined by other investors such as chief product officer from Datadog Amit Agarwal, chief executive officer Ilkka Paananen of Supercell, and OpenOcean.


Supermetrics is a Finland-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that provides marketing data compilation services in one area to facilitate and demonstrate more efficient outcomes for marketers.

Supermetrics Series B Round for Marketing Data

Founded in 2013 by Mikael Thuneberg, the marketing tech company automates and compiles information from more than 70 marketing information sources and tools available. Tech Crunch says It leverages platforms such as Excel, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, data warehouses, and business intelligence tools to perform its transfers.


This management and analysis tool helps marketers obtain information via an easy and “ready-to-use format” to provide marketing insights from various sources and platforms readily available for marketers and stakeholders to assess information and gauge what’s working or not for the company, notes Tech Crunch.

In a statement to Tech Crunch, chief executive officer and founder of Supermetrics Thuneberg said, “We build tools that take away the pain with automated data transfers and help marketers extract valuable insights from unified data.”

“Using Supermetrics is very simple and you can get started with just a few clicks, not needing a lengthy setup process. We believe everyone should be able to get their hands on relevant data and use it to do their jobs better,” said Thuneberg.

This unique technology allows companies and businesses alike to gain more insights for respective marketing campaigns in their niches. As of writing, Verdict states that the startup has more than 14,000 clients over the world, with Fortune 500 companies under its belt.

Among Supermetrics’ loyal patrons include the likes of Hubspot, L’Oreal, Nestle, and the Warner Brothers. Since its public launch in 2013, Verdict states that the startup firm has remained profitable, with its revenues going over by 30%.

Following the cash injection from investors, the company plans to expand its business to other regions, such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. It also endeavors to develop the necessary tools and platforms for finance and Human Resource (HR) sectors.

Moreover, Verdict states the Finnish marketing tech startup firm plans to bring data warehousing services closer to the marketing sector. It has launched its data warehouse-based services called Supermetrics for BigQuery in 2019. Supermetrics for BigQuery aims to manage and consolidate information on a much wider scale.