Surprise! Amazon Instant Video is now available on Sony’s PS3

Amazon has been pushing hard to expand their Instant Video service since it first launched. The company has added numerous shows and movies and nearly tripled the total library they launched a year ago and made the service available on a number of TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. Now Amazon can officially add game consoles to their list of compatible devices by bringing the service to the PS3.

Surprise! Amazon Instant Video is now available on Sony's PS3

Having Amazon Instant Video show up on the PS3 came as kind of a surprise. There was no prior announcement by either Sony or Amazon that the service would be coming to the console. The service shows up directly in the PS3’s XMB under TV/Video Services.

To register your PS3 just go to the app on your console and write down the registration code. Then you can go to Amazon’s device registration page to get everything setup and you can begin streaming.

The PS3 is the first console to get Amazon’s Instant Video service, which gives them a nice little leg up on Microsoft for at least the time being. Until now the Xbox 360 has been the king of game consoles when it comes to video streaming options. Even if all of the apps on the 360 don’t always work flawlessly, there are more choices on that device.

I tested the Instant Streaming app a bit on my PS3 and at first glance it looks pretty good and runs well. I think the interface looks far better than on Roku and worlds better than most of the apps on TVs and Blu-ray players. For now the videos buffer and stream quickly and the quality is what I would expect from a video streaming service like this.

Are any of you going to try this out on your PS3? Let us know what you think of the app in the comments.