Survey: Less than 50% of consumers want an iPad

A new survey released by Retrevo reveals that less than half of consumers polled are interested in purchasing an Apple iPad tablet after its release next month.

After the Steve Jobs announcement, more than 80% polled heard of the tablet device — but 52% said they don’t want to purchase a unit.  Around 18% said they were not familiar with the iPad, nor are they interested in purchasing one once learning more.

Apple had little trouble utilizing its powerful hype machine, but that may not translate into actual sales.


“There is no question whether or not the word got out on the Apple iPad,” Retrevo noted in a blog.  “Retrevo even created a new tool called the Retrevo Buzzmeter to measure Twitter activity around the announcement and also for the State of the Union Address that evening.  Not surprisingly the 7,000 Tweets Per Minute (TPM) peak rivaled the 9,000 TPM peak value for President Obama.”


Only 9%, according to Retrevo, plan on purchasing an iPad, as 21% are somewhat interested but will wait to learn more about the device.

Analyst surveys similar to this one carried out by Retrevo are extremely important, with Apple executives saying Apple will adjust the iPad’s price point depending on consumer demand.

Apple’s iPad announcement received heavy criticism from some journalists and bloggers, who said the tablet is nothing more than a bigger iPod Touch.

Are you interested in purchasing an iPad at launch? If not, would you be interested if the price dropped?