Taco Bell Taps TikTok for TV Ad, Uses Vertical Video Format

As it gears up to launch its newest product, the Triplelupa, Taco Bell teamed up with social media platform TikTok. For its television advertisement, the fast-food chain utilized TikTok’s vertical video format. The ad campaign is geared towards youngsters and Zoomers who are more attuned and adept with using the said platform.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the social media company’s partnership with Taco Bell is the first large-scale campaign it has done. Thanks to millions of TikTok users around the globe, younger generations can expect a “less corporatized social media platform” after the campaign goes live.

Taken using the full-screen vertical video format of TikTok, Taco Bell said the latest campaign “follows the creative, unexpected and joyful content the TikTok community is celebrated for,” reports Ad Week. Meanwhile, Yahoo! Lifestyle states that the advertisement may also include clips for its challenge or contest made in partnership with the social media platform.

Taco Bell Taps TikTok for TV Ad

The contest will center on creating a hashtag challenge using TikTok and highlighting the Triplelupa. Winners of the challenge may find their clips on national television. The contest is slated to launch within the next few weeks.

When asked about its links with TikTok, Senior Vice President of Brand Engagement at Taco Bell, Tracee Larocca, said, “When I look back at our history with social trends, I’m proud of the fact that we are always leading the industry and pushing boundaries.”

Larocca also said to Newsweek that, “Whether it’s being the first on new platforms, or breaking records on others, Taco Bell is constantly at the forefront of online trends. The most natural next step for us would be to partner with a brand like TikTok, one with reinvention at their core, in order to bring the Triplelupa campaign to life.”

The Triplelupa is the fast-food chain’s newest product. It features three mini Chalupas that make it the “longest shell in Taco Bell history.” The firm’s first tear-apart product, the Triplelupa is designed to be consumed individually and by tearing the respective pieces or segments. Each of the Chalupas has its own distinct flavor, namely the Nacho Cheese, the Cheesy Chipotle, and the Chipotle.

The transformation of the Chalupa into a Triplelupa seemingly signifies Taco Bell’s venture outside the norm. By teaming up with the popular social media platform, Taco Bell shows that they are ready to revolutionize the advertisement scene. At the same time, according to Marketing Dive, new vertical formats could give way to more similar approaches in marketing and television.