TDK strengthens HDD portfolio – acquires two companies

TDK Corporation announced today that its Thailand-based HDD suspension assemblies subsidiary acquired two HDD-related companies. Both EntroComponent Solution and EntroComponent Solutions Singapore where acquired from US based specialty polymer and resin manufacturer entrotech. TDK also inked a business alliance with Entrotech.


Entrotech mainly manufactures and sells specialty polymers and resins. Products employing these materials span a wide range of fields, including automotive films, HDD-related components, aircraft paint, and medical products. The HDD-related product manufacturing and sales companies subject to this acquisition handle vibration dampening materials attached to HDD head suspensions, as well as filters, sealants and other products for HDDs. MPT specializes in the manufacture and sales of suspension assemblies for HDD heads, supplying products globally from its base in Thailand.

Bringing the two entrotech HDD-related companies into the TDK Group through this acquisition is intended to enhance TDK’s HDD-related components lineup and further differentiate the TDK Group to strengthen its competitiveness.