Tech companies working on SeeQVault DRM to copy video to mobile devices

Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba have announced to support the SeeQVault standard, a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected technology that should make it possible to transfer TV recordings from a set top box to a mobile device. The Asian electronics giants have been working together on the format since 2011.


SeeQVault is especially meant for content storage on flash media, according to TechRadar. It supports copying video recordings to SD cards, USB sticks but also to the internal flash memory of mobile devices. The video data that is transferred is encrypted and stored in a proprietary format on the target device.

SeeQVault compatible devices like smartphones and tablets running on Android or Windows Phone should be able to playback the video. The standard will soon have even support for Ultra HD video and content producers don’t have to worry about piracy due to the integrated DRM technology.

Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba currently support the technology that’s already available in Japan. It’s expected that soon Blu-ray players with a SD card reader, TVs and mobile devices will start to support the standard. Apple doesn’t support the technology which means iOS devices are not able to playback SeeQVault content

The four electronics giants hope to bring the technology to the European and American market next year as well. To make that happen they are in negotiation with content providers. They have to agree on e.g. the possibility to make a copy of a Blu-ray movie to a SD card so the movie can be watched on e.g. a tablet or smartphone while travelling. So far the content industry hasn’t granted permission for that.