Tech Company SecureAge Enters UK Market

Singapore-based firm SecureAge Technology seeks to contribute to the United Kingdom’s data security market by extending its offerings to the country. RealWire reported that the company will be focusing on data security and remote work.

SecureAge is known for being the preferred solutions provider of the Singaporean government and military. With its spotless reputation in tech and data security, the company is expected to offer value to UK organizations and individuals.

Lockdowns, which prevented working individuals in the UK from going to their workplaces, made remote work necessary for many organizations. Data security services are deemed important at a time when such measures are taken to address the virus pandemic.

Secureage Tech Enters UK

SecureAge offers a way to “ensure that data is useless if it falls into the wrong hands – whether by accident, through insider theft or malware attack.” The firm aims to use its own transparent and universal encryption to prevent unauthorized access and exfiltration of data.

The firm’s encryption system has an advantage as it is “completely invisible to the user,” which is expected to “[remove] the human element entirely.”

Headed by technical director Nigel Thorpe and sales director Nick Maslen, the UK arm will be taking steps to prevent malware from infecting user systems. This is expected to be done through the firm’s process execution control to various malicious software such as ransomware and keyloggers.

Thorpe said that their team will be taking a more proactive rather than reactive approach in addressing malware issues. According to him, the company will not be doing the conventional way of finding malicious programs then blocking it. Instead, “SecureAge simply blocks all previously unknown processes,” said Thorpe.

For better protection, the company also provides file-level protection for data at rest, in use and in motion, said Telecompaper.

Founder and CEO Dr. Teow-Hin Ngair remarked that the company was built with the goal of “[making] PKI-based encryption an inherent component of data protection.” Moreover, their solutions were created with supreme security and usability in mind.

Ngair is confident that SecureAge’s UK activities will be valuable as it focuses on government, finance, and energy in light of the company’s collaboration with the Singaporean government and military. They have also worked with Tokyo and Hong Kong government offices.

Aside from its expansion into the UK, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the firm has also entered other markets in the world including in the United States.