Is ‘The Martian’ the first Ultra HD Blu-ray rip ever released and is AACS 2.0 cracked already?

The release group TrollUHD appears to be first to release an Ultra HD Blu-ray rip. The release “The Martian (2015) 2160p Ultra HD Blu-ray DTS-HD MA 7.1 x264-TrollUHD.mkv” is 48.2 GiB (52GB) big and x264 encoded. Despite the release group name ‘TrollUHD’ we received the first reports that the rip is real but we aren’t 100% sure. The release hasn’t made it to the popular torrent sites The Piratebay and KickAss Torrents yet.


The Martian is a science fiction movie released in 2015 and has not been recorded in 4K. The movie is upscaled and users report the image quality isn’t always as great as expected. If our sources are correct and the release is real, then this also means the AACS 2.0 protection on the Ultra HD Blu-ray discs  of the Martian has been cracked.

TrollUHD isn’t new to the scene, the group was also responsible for the first 4K Amazon and Netflix releases that appeared on torrent sites. A group called TrollHD, possible the predecessor of the group, also made many releases.

It’s also possible the release is fake and is an upscaled Blu-ray release by a someone who think he’s funny.

Update: The movie has made it to torrent sites. Users there report that the movie is most likely a 4K capture of the movie. This also means AACS 2.0 is not cracked.