These simple but fatal 8 characters make Skype crash

Skype users on different platforms can be easily owned by a simple but fatal message of 8 characters. Even restarting Skype doesn’t resolve the issue. Microsoft is currently working hard to release a fix for the remarkable bug. Simply sending a message in the chat containing ‘http://:’  (without quotes) will cause the bug to do its job. Skype crashes and when the user wants to restart the software, the software crashes again.


The bug works on older Windows versions, Android and iOS. For now it seems that Skype for Mac OS X and the Metro Windows 8.1 version are not vulnerable. The fatal code is discovered by someone called Giperion on the Skype Community Forums. He also discovered that deleting the chat history doesn’t resolve the issue because Skype automatically downloads this from the cloud when the application starts and thus Skype crashes again.



A spokesman of Microsoft has stated that the company is aware of the issue and is working on a permanent solution. Till then Skype users on all mentioned are a potential target. Some users however,  report that the fatal message has somehow been blocked by Skype.

Update: It appears that Skype has removed the original post by Giperion, Google Cache to the rescue here.