This is why is down – the actual injunction

Recently we reported that the domain was shutdown due to an injunction sought by the AACS LA (Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator). The AACS LA is the developer and licensee of  AACS , a copy protection part of the Blu-ray specification. Their interest in DVDFab is not surprising, DVDFab contains functionality to circumvent the AACS copy protection, rendering it useless.

Free trial of DVDFab alternative to rip and decrypt DVD and Blu-ray discs

One of the products of DVDFab software

Previously we only were able to show a small excerpt of the injunction but today the entire document was posted by the website Techdirt along with an interpretation.  The website writes, “federal judge Vernon Broderick appears to have issued an order that is basically Hollywood’s dream: ordering the seizure of basically everything in an attempt to wipe DVDFab off the internet entirely.”

And we can’t conclude anything else from reading the injunction. While DVDFab contains features that bypass the AACS, the software has many more features. Nevertheless just that feature appears to be enough for the judge to decide that the entire company has to be wiped from the web.  The injunction specifically mentions DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper 3D, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD converter, DVDFab HD Decrypter, Passkey for Blu-ray and Passkey Lite as the infringing software, which is only a part of the software the company sells.


As DVDFab is in China the company is currently coping well, their website is still available through other domain names and orders are processed as usual. For the coming time, the most important issue for DVDFab is how impressed companies outside the US  are of this US injunction.

Techdirt ends its story with, “this goes way, way, way beyond the normal remedies put forth under copyright law. In fact, it was these kinds of solutions which SOPA was designed to add to copyright law. I can understand how a judge only hearing one side of a case goes with the “default” judgment and just gives the single party everything they ask for, but at some point doesn’t common sense have to come in [..]”

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