Thycotic Launches Privileged Access Management Latest Version for Cloud-First

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions provider, Thycotic, announced a new update on the program for improved IT environments security for remote work.

PAM’s new version enables multiple cloud instances to streamline the user experience and include third-party workers. The new capabilities are considered as part of the new normal, with the height of the remote work and cloud integration.

According to Thycotic, more than 75 percent of companies today make use of multiple cloud platforms for the ease of storage and data management. The new update easily integrates privileged accounts and activities, which make oversight more consistent.

Privileged Access Management Latest Version for Cloud-First

“It’s challenging for IT admins and security teams to manage an increasingly diverse IT environment in a consistent way. Every part of this release is designed to help customers simplify management so their work is scalable, repeatable, and saves time,” said vice president Jai Dargan.

More than the smooth and easy integration of accounts, overviewing the security, and managing data on the cloud, the new update also integrates seamlessly on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The discovery capabilities help IT teams to manage Google Cloud and Azure aligned to policies and practices.

PAM secret server also connects to the Google Cloud infrastructure, detect the Linux machines, and WIndow instances, then identify the Identity Access Management (IAM) accounts. The new functionality also helps users and groups in Azure to manage groups in one interface.

The large-scale remote workforce enables IT operations to exceed the normal management and productivity, providing flexible options for security requirements. With this, the IT teams can detect any breach that could potentially harm the company’s digital assets.

There’s also a session recording added to PAM, dealing with distributed environments for third-party workers. Thycotic said this would help agents, clients, and service providers to get into one space and integrate data faster and easier.

Additionally, PAM is also equipped with task orchestration to include event types and automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, and relieve alert fatigue. A session connector is also used to deploy and manage the agents for challenging IT environments.

The solution requires no additional agent to oversee the recording, which minimizes the cost and at the same time, increases productivity.

Dargan added, “Every part of this release is designed to help customers simplify management so their work is scalable, repeatable, and saves time.”

Thycotic provides privileged access management solutions to more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, including 25 percent of the Fortune 100.