TikTok Unveils New Paid Video Format Called Shoutouts

Social networking and short-form video app TikTok launched its new paid video format called ‘Shoutouts.’ The Shoutouts video format is slated to take on Cameo as it allows users to request videos from influencers and celebrities alike in exchange for a fee.

Shoutouts is a new video format designed to provide users access to requests for personalized videos from other popular content creators and influencers. Based on the videos done on Cameo, influencers could make around $35 to $500 from Shoutouts depending on their rates.

The new feature comes after TikTok first unveiled its own virtual currency called TikTok coins. These coins can be used to purchase gifts and be turned into Diamonds, the latter of which can be used by celebrities and influencers to redeem real money, reports Engadget.

TikTok New Paid Video Format Called Shoutouts

BuzzFeed News was the first to spot the test conducted by TikTok. However, as of writing, the feature is only available to the app’s market and users in Dubai and Turkey. Users in some regions that are outside of the aforementioned countries are also banned from requesting videos said the news site.

According to BuzzFeed News, content creators using the social networking platform can set their own rates for their clips and services. Once a user requests for a particular video clip, the content creator reportedly has three days to respond and accept the said request.

After recording, the content creator will send the clip via direct messages with a turnaround time of one week, said BuzzFeed News.

TikTok will still moderate the video requests and its corresponding clips in order to prevent it from becoming OnlyFans, reveals Engadget.

Despite this, however, PCMag UK states that the requirements and eligibility of influencers and content creators who will be participating and using the new video format remain unclear. Engadget seconds this by saying that the short-form video app has yet to say how many followers an individual needs prior to making bank from these Shoutouts.

When asked about these qualifications, BuzzFeed News states that TikTok has yet to issue a statement regarding these.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the chief executive officer of The Influencer Marketing Factory Alessandro Bogliari said that the new video format is a step in the right direction.

“Influencers make more money, TikTok opens up a new revenue stream, followers are happy to have a custom video that can be requested, paid and saved inside TikTok,” said Bogliari.