Time to abandon uTorrent?

It seems the copyright police are sabotaging torrents of popular movies and tv shows.  They are flooding those torrents with fake IPv6 addresses and are causing some havoc amongst those who pirate these shows.   This attack works by offering hundreds of fake addresses, which crowd out the real ones.


So far, this tactic is only affecting uTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline client software, both released by BitTorrent Inc, but together, those make up a majority of the software used to share torrents.  Without an immediate fix, the best option is to change to a different program for torrents, like qBittorrent, or Transmission.

This is a major blow for all those who have avoided newer versions of uTorrent in favor of older ones, like the very popular uTorrent 2.2.1.  Even if BitTorrent Inc. releases a patch for their software, it won’t include a solution for those older versions.  Hmm, maybe it isn’t the copyright holders after all?  🙂


You can read more on the story at TorrentFreak.