TiVo’s new Premier Elite DVR simultaneously records 4 channels

Details of the TiVo Premier Elite have surface via an FCC filing and it’s quite a doozy of a device. The Elite is the retail model of the Premier Q which is on its way to TiVo cable partners. From the details in this newest FCC filing, it seems the Premier Q and Premier Elite are very similar devices and very likely to carry a hefty price.

TiVo's new Premier Elite DVR simultaneously records 4 channels

The FCC filing for the Premier Elite confirms that it will have the ability to record not two, but four channels simultaneously. Interestingly enough, the Premier Elite will only allow recording and viewing of digital cable broadcasts. The two tuner Premier can handle digital as well as analog and over the air.

The Elite will boast storage of 2TB which means 300 hours of high definition content. That’s a lot of episodes of Project Runway, or something more awesome like Top Gear. The box will also have support for MoCA networking, allowing it to network together with other devices in your home that support the technology. Ethernet will also be supported out of the box and Wireless will have support via an accessory. The network connectivity provides users with access to guide updates and Netflix content.

If TiVo’s FCC filing gets approval, which is very likely, the device could be arriving this Fall.  So what about pricing? The filing had no information specifically about pricing, but let’s consider the dollar amounts associated with TiVo’s current devices. The base Premier comes in at $99 and the Premier XL comes in at $299. This device could easily be double the cost of the Premier XL if not more. Zatz Not Funny estimates a price of $600-$800 considering the quad tuner and the huge amount of storage. In my mind that guesstimate doesn’t seem particularly far off.

The price and features of the Premier Elite make the device more than a little bit insane. There is a very small market of consumers who would considering paying that price for a TiVo and even fewer who actually would use all of the features this box is touting. Honestly, who is recording four channels at the same time? Even I don’t watch that many shows that come on the same night.