Tokyo Games Organizers Suffer Data Breach

The recent Fujitsu ProjectWEB hack has compromised the data of Tokyo Games organizers, according to a report by Kyodo News. The breach leaked the details of people in charge of security management. A malware attack was pointed to as the source of the breach.

Around 170 individuals were affected by the attack, most of whom participated in a cybersecurity drill conducted by the Japanese government’s National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC). The drill was done to prepare for possible attempts to attack the systems used for the sporting event.

“We have already contacted those who have been found to have leaked personal information,” said the NCIS cited by CyberScoop. The details leaked by the threat actors include names, titles, and affiliations of individuals in the 90 organizations working in the Olympics.

Tokyo Games Organizers Data Breach

The Tokyo Olympics and its organizers are just one of the victims of the Fujitsu hack affecting its data-sharing software ProjectWEB which occurred last month.

The incident has affected different organizations including the NCIS, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, the Cabinet Secretariat, and Narita Airport. The NCIS denied requests for comments regarding whether or not the incident has connections with the Olympics.

The incident has compromised the email addresses of 76,000 government officials and third parties, including panel members. Examples of information leaked through this attack are study materials about digital government.

Nevertheless, the government and organizers are anticipating potential attacks from malicious parties. Research firm Forrest’s vice president Merritt Maxim is also expecting the same.

Maxim said, “High profile global sporting events such as the World Cup or Olympic Games have been and will remain very tempting targets for hackers because of the potential disruption and notoriety that can result from such attacks.”

The VP, who studied sports-related cybercrime, also commented, “This latest incident is unfortunate and a reminder that ongoing cyber vigilance is necessary.”

This view is supported by the Cyber Threat Alliance, which according to CyberScroop has issued a warning that ransomware groups may take advantage of the event. Usually, these criminals are poised to attack vendors who they can extort.

This is not the first time that the Olympics has been affected by a Cyberattack. In 2018, a Russian hacking group targeted the South Korea Olympics by deploying a virus that resulted in the disruption of the opening ceremony.

The use of Fujitsu’s tool has been suspended and the NCIS is investigating the matter with cooperation from the company.