Tool converts Windows 8 Store trial apps to full paid version – for free

Posted 26 November 2012 17:32 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Trial applications downloaded from the Windows 8 Store can be easily converted to full paid versions by applying a so called ‘sideload crack’. The tool has been around for about a month and has appeared on a Russian website dealing with Windows 8 piracy.  Besides making applications free, the tool also makes it possible to install Metro applications without using the Windows 8 Store. It’s only possible to ‘crack’ software that has a trial version. In order to convert an application, the trial version needs to be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Then the application needs to be selected from a list in the tool and with a single button click it’s a full version. The crack only works on Windows 8,  applications downloaded from the Windows Store on Windows RT (tablets/ARM based systems) are not supported. Myce does not condone piracy and we do not allow links nor discussion on where to get the tool.

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