TorrentHound shutdown partly due to anti-piracy organisations

The administrator of the popular torrent site TorrentHound has shut down the website after 9 years. Part of the reason is that the site was continuously bugged by  anti-piracy organisations. The site that started in 2009 was amongst the most popular torrent sites with millions of monthly visitors.

myce-torrenthoundIt wasn’t as popular as KickAss Torrents and The Pirate Bay but nevertheless attracted the attention of anti-piracy organisations, which is one of the reasons the site was shut down.

“It’s a combination of less traffic, less revenue and our bills piling up. Then add on constantly getting bugged by anti piracy agents, just wasn’t worth the headache anymore”, the TorrentHound administrator told TorrentFreak.

Instead of the torrent search engine the site now shows a list of “not terrible” alternatives to find torrents.


TorrentHound is the third large torrent site that has shut down within a short timeframe. Kickass Torrents and Torrentz shutdown in July and August. The Kickass Torrents administrator was arrested in Poland for copyright infringement and money laundering. The reason Torrentz disappeared is unknown.