TorrentTags warns users for illegal torrent downloads

Australian software developers have created a database called Torrent Tags that warns users for torrent files that are copyrighted. The database contains an overview of torrent files that have once been claimed by a copyright holder. utorrent-utorrent-10-700x503

When an user uploads a .torrent file or enters a hash, Torrent Tags shows that the file has been copyright protected. Users in several countries have been sued by anti-piracy organisations for downloading copyright protected material. The database of Torrent Tags is compiled using data from the website of Chilling Effects and information from copyright holders themselves.

According to the developers of Torrent Tags users should be warned by anti-piracy organisations and copyright holders when they download illegal content, before they can be monitored with the goal of sueing them.

In addition Torrent Tag believes that without a public claim such monitoring would be equivalent to ‘honeypot’ strategies. This is because, from a user’s perspective, any torrent without a public claim is indistinguishable from a torrent created by a copyright owner with the aim of operating a ‘honeypot’.

On their site the developers state, “We believe that everyone has the right to know whether torrent files they download have ever been claimed by a copyright holder.”