Toshiba announces new HG6 SSDs with next generation toggle NAND

Toshiba has announced the next-generation of Toshiba’s  HG series  Solid State Drives (SSDs),  the first mainstream drives using Toshiba’s Advanced 19nm (A19nm) toggle 2.0 MLC (multi level cell) NAND. The  SATA 3.1 drives are targeted for use in notebooks, workstations, read intensive enterprise applications and as server boot drives.


The HG6 series SSDs are available in capacities ranging from 60GB, 128 GB, 256GB and 512GB and Toshiba specifies maximum sequential read speeds of 534MB/s and maximum sequential write speeds of 482MB/s. The drives are available in several form factors, including mSATA, M.2 (single and double sided) and the usual 2.5″. 

Toshiba claims that the drives consume less power at 3.3 Watts for the largest model,  and it has included Adaptive Size SLC Write cache technology and optional Self Encrypting feature compliant to TCG-Opal 2.0. All SSDs also incorporate Toshiba’ Quadruple Swing-By Code (QSBC) for improved error correction and reliability.