Toshiba announces new series of enterprise SSDs

Toshiba Electronics Europe today announced it has launched a new enterprise SSD line-up. The PX03SNx series is available with capacities of 200GB (PX03SNF020), 400GB (PX03SNF040), 800GB (PX03SNF080) and 1.6TB (PX03SNB160).


 The drives are equipped with 12Gbit/s SAS-3.0 interfaces and Toshiba claims  the eSSDs are optimized for read-intensive, and low-write-duty storage applications in server system. The PX03SNx series feature 19nm MLC NAND and support one full drive write per day with 100% random data workload.

The 200GB, 400GB and 800GB eSSDs reach sequential read speeds of 1,100MiB/s while the 1.6TB PX03SNB160 achieves sequential read speeds of 1,060MiB/s. All drives deliver sequential write speeds up to 380MiB/s, random read write speeds up to 26,000 IOPS and random read speeds up to 130,000 IOPS.

The PX03SNx series incorporates power loss protection as well as Toshiba’s Quadruple Swing-By Code technology for improved error correction and reliability.

Customer samples of the PX03SNx range will begin shipping this month, for more information visit the Toshiba storage website.