Toshiba announces 8TB enterprise capacity SATA3 HDDs

Toshiba 8TB HDDToshiba has announced the first of its new MG05 series of enterprise hard disks, two 3.5″ 8TB hard disks with an SATA3 interface.  These hard disks are targeted towards cloud services including IoT (Internet of Things) to cater for the large volume of data that needs to be hosted.

The new MG05 series claims to deliver a 12% increase in sustained data throughput over its previous MG04 generation, now 230MiB/s typical.  The rated life MTTF is also increased to 2 million hours, a 42% increase over the MG04 series.  It has a 128MB buffer and a 7200RPM rotational speed.

Like the MG04, its PWC (Persistent write cache) technology prevents the loss of cached write data should sudden power loss occur.  Its idle power consumption is 6.2W typical and has a workload duty rating of 550TB per year.

These drives are now shipping the drive with a choice of two models.  The MG05ACA800A provides 4K native Advanced Format sector technology.  The MG05ACA800E provides 512 byte sector emulation for legacy applications that depend on 512 byte sector lengths.

According to the latest IDC market report in the press release, Toshiba has been the fastest growing HDD vendor in 2016, based on revenue and units.  In the 4th quarter of 2016, Toshiba’s had a 24% market share based on units.  Its cumulative production volume of enterprise hard disks has exceeded 10 million units in February 2017.

Full specifications can be found on its website.