Toshiba introduces XG6 series NVMe PCIe SSDs

Toshiba today introduced its XG6 series NVMe PCIe SSDs that come in an M.2 form-factor and that will be available in capacities of 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The XG6 drives are the first NVMe SSDs to feature Toshiba’s 96-layer TLC 3D NAND. Toshiba introduces XG6 series NVMe PCIe SSDs

The XG6 series is the successor to the XG5 series SSDs which Toshiba introduced last year and that used TLC 3D NAND with 64 layers. Both the XG6 and XG5 series use the same controller, the TC58NCP09GSD. The combination of the NAND and controller should be able to achieve sequential reads and writes of up to 3180 MB/s and 2960 MB/s respectively. Random read and writes are specified up to 355,000 and 365,000 IOPS.

Toshiba hasn’t provided any pricing and availability information. Normally the XG6 series will only become available for system builders and laptops, but it’s possible they will also be sold in retail, possibly under a different name.