Toshiba launches 5 TB, 7,200 RPM, 6Gb/s SAS enterprise HDDs

Toshiba has launcheda new range of 7,200 RPM hard disc drives (HDDs)  targeted at enterprise usage. The MG04 series HDDs are available in capacities up to 5TB and are, according to Toshiba, the industry’s first enterprise capacity drives to feature Persistent Write Cache technology. This feature should provide improved application performance and data-loss protection in the event of unexpected power loss.


The MG04 series drives come in  3.5″ form factor and are available in models that support either 512e or 4Kn advanced format storage modes. The numbers 512e and 4Kn relate to the sector size of data on the HDDs. The larger the sector size, the more it uses the storage surface area efficiently for large files. However larger sector sizes are less efficient for for smaller files. For storing those, the 512e drive is more suitable.

Equipped with either 6Gb/s SAS (MG04SCA) or 6Gb/s SATA (MG04ACA) interfaces, the MG04 series can also be supplied with Toshiba’s Sanitize Instant Erase (SIE) functionality.This feature doesn’t use a time consuming data overwriting process but instead the SIE function  regenerates the encryption key, effectively invalidating all previously stored user data.