Toshiba plans 128GB NAND flash launch

Toshiba recently announced it will launch a 128GB embedded NAND memory chip that can be used for a wide variety of popular consumer electronics.

The Japanese electronics company said the new flash module has a 46MB/sec read speed and 21MB/sec write speed.  The new Toshiba NAND can be used in tablets, smartphones, notebooks, digital cameras and video recorders, and other products – and a 128GB module should help drastically increase storage.

Toshiba plans 128GB NAND flash launch

Toshiba decided to develop the memory module using sixteen 64Gbit NAND chips based on the company’s 32nm processor.

“Demand continues to grow for large density chips that support high-resolution video and deliver enhanced storage, particularly in the area of embedded memories with a controller function that minimize development requirements and ease integration into system designs.”

Samples of the new module will be distributed in September, with mass production expected sometime during Q4.  It will take a while before Toshiba’s partners are able to use the new memory module, but they’ll brainstorm ideas once they’ve had time to test the samples.

It’s unknown who Toshiba plans to work with, but the company has strong partnerships with Apple and other OEMs that don’t develop their own memory.

Toshiba also has flash modules ranging from 2GB to 128GB, as the company looks to secure a dominant position in the embedded flash module market.  As optimistic as I am for mobile phones and other devices with large storage capacities, I’m concerned that the larger capacity modules will drive up the cost of gadgets too much.