Toshiba shut down NAND fab after ransomware attack; 400,000 TB of NAND lost

Posted 18 October 2017 18:16 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Digitimes reports that Toshiba’s NAND division suffered from a ransomware attack and therefore has to shutdown its NAND production lines for a few weeks. The result could be an temporarily drop in the supply of NAND memory.

The sources of Digitimes report that production was halted for 3-6 weeks to deal with the malware, after which production return to it usual capacity. The NAND division of the Japanese electronics giant would have lost production of about 100,000 wafers. The website PCGamesN estimates that about 50 million chips or 400,000 TB of NAND flash was not produced during the time Toshiba fab ceased operations.

NAND prices are already high due to the high demand for smartphones and servers, while supply is relatively low because NAND manufacturers have difficulties moving to, the much cheaper to produce, 3D NAND technology. Currently only Samsung has been able to output considerable amounts of chips.

Digitimes reports that many downstream distributors were hoping that excessively high NAND prices would be corrected in the last quarter of this year, but the drop in supply from Toshiba might prevent a price correction nevertheless.

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