Toshiba Unveils XFMEXPRESS Memory Chip, Wins Best Of Show Award

Toshiba wants to change the standard of compact SSDs for the increasingly mobile generation. The company introduced a tiny NVMe SSD Form Factor called XFMEXPRESS.

In the recent Flash Memory Summit held last Aug.6-8, 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Toshiba debuted its new technology of removable storage. The PCMagazine reports that the XFMEXPRESS is a compact storage in 22x30mm size, slightly thicker than a microSD card.

This newest high-performance storage is made for ultra-mobile and embedded devices, complete with a connector for a hinge-type mechanism. Unlike the ordinary M.2 SSDs that requires screws to hold the device in place, the XFMEXPRESS only need to be inserted with its metal cover back into place.

The highlight of the XFMEXPRESS is its robust memory functionality that can reduce technical barriers and design constraints. It implements a PCIe 3.0 NVMe 1.3 interface with 4 lanes supporting the 4GB memory in each direction. A maximum of 8GB/s is supported for each direction for the next-generation case.


To stand the test of time, this new technology also used current flash memory sizes while offering flexibility for future use. Its design also offers optimized functionality as a purpose-built connector for ease-of-use and efficiency.

According to eWeek, the XFMEXPRESS has a half-terabyte data storage and a full 1TB on the roadmap.

In addition, this memory storage is excellent for thin and light notebooks, as well as cars and mobile phones. The Toshiba Memory America Inc. sources told eWeek that more gadgets will be making use of the XFMEXPRESS in 2020. Notebook manufacturers who are looking for ways to reduce PCB size and increase battery space can benefit from this new storage technology.

Toshiba Unveils XFMEXPRESS Memory Chip, Wins Best Of Show Award
Photo Credit: Reuters

Form Factor New Advancements

Toshiba is pushing for the new innovation of data storage as an answer to the bigger consumer SSDs demands. There is the next generation of mobile and embedded consumer storage, which require more compact and high-performance storage.

The XFMEXPRESS actually won the Best Of Show Award from the Flash Memory Summit for a breakthrough in storage solutions. Chairman and President of Network Storage Advisors Inc. Jay Kramer said, “We are proud to recognize Toshiba Memory for leading the next generation of mobile and embedded consumer storage.”


The Flash Memory Summit gathers technical experts all over the world to discuss pressing storage and technological concerns. It also aims to educate attendees on the latest developments in the NVMe, NVMe-oF, and NVMe-MI.