Toyota Inks Deal with Amazon for Cloud-Based Data Services


Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer Toyota teams up with US Amazon Inc. to build a platform and monetize data from the global vehicle fleet.

On Monday, Aug. 17, the company announced its Mobility Services Platform (MSPF), which enables data processing and analysis to develop car services. In addition to riding and car-sharing, Toyota is also using the platform to get data for behavioral-based insurance and maintenance notifications.


According to the company, the deal with Amazon is part of the American company’s move for expansion outside its borders, also allowing Toyota to expand offers from the transport business.

Toyota Inks Deal with Amazon

The MSPF will use the AWS’ professional services for processing and analyzing data within Toyota’s worldwide fleet of vehicles. It will leverage on scalability and reliability of the AWS global infrastructure, which is its expertise.


The platform also acts as an ecosystem that helps engineers to manage next-generation data-driven information to offer passenger and driver safety and convenience. The cloud-connected vehicles also provide information on a driver’s behavior on the road, intended for insurance.

Mobility Technologies

Toyota is gearing towards creating a foundation for secure and streamlined data, now that cloud services are widely used. The partnership with Amazon is a way of bolstering its efforts to develop CASE or Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared, and Electric.

The mobility technologies join the trend, analyzing the connected vehicles, and securing information for insurance services. The MSPF and application programming interfaces enable Toyota to compile crucial data and deploy for vehicle design and development.

“Toyota is leveraging the unmatched breadth and depth of AWS services to transform how it develops and manages new mobility services across its entire ecosystem of connected vehicles around the world,” said CEO Andy Jassy.

The Japanese automobile giant is also looking at the possibilities of capitalizing on a full-service lease, allowing the cloud services to do most of the work. Storing data, processing information, and analyzing the risks based on an individual’s driving behavior becomes easy.

Connectivity is also highlighted in helping the company improve its services. “Connectivity drives all of the processes of development, production, sales, and services in the automotive business,” said chief information officer Shigeki Tomoyama.

Last month, Amazon also announced its partnership with Germany’s Volkswagen for a cloud-based software and data portal, which will be used for selling or buying industrial applications.

Other than automotive companies, AWS previously partnered with suppliers Nvidia Corp., Panasonic Corp., and Aptiv.