UJET Tandems with Oracle for Enhanced Cloud Marketplace

UJET Inc. announced on Thursday, Jan. 7, its plans to integrate with Oracle Cloud CX Service, making the CCaaS 3.0 available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

The world’s only cloud contact center is now available for all Oracle partners to accelerate the transition to the cloud and streamline business performance outcomes. The cloud contact center is unique on its own and can help leverage enterprise customer data.

With the CX service, any company can modernize its user experiences and provide smart insights. The Unified CCaaS with CRM data blends historical records with contextual awareness. With this, agents can provide a more personalized transaction with users.

Oracle for Enhanced Cloud Marketplace

This extends to embeddable in-app and mobile support, creating a more cohesive customer experience. Agents get access to visual and contextual information to facilitate enhanced customer interactions.

Post-call work is also streamlined as handle times are reduced, and real-time data exchanges are updated on the CRM record. There will be no redundancy on the customer PII, call records, and other information, as the storage system limits redundancy issues.

Security is also enhanced with an enterprise-grade security posture. This helps resolve complex compliance regulations for more secure data storage.

“Customer experience has become the cornerstone of enterprise digital transformation strategies. But the single greatest barrier to delivering modern, intelligent experiences across marketing, sales, and support in achieving a holistic, unified view of your customer data,” said UJET chief operating officer Vasili Triant.

The partnership also allows UJET to extend its line of services to the Oracle community to reap benefits from the ultra-modern cloud contact center solution. Triant added, “We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud to help us achieve our business goals.”

The OPN program aligns businesses to its partners to deploy and manage technology or hardware products. All customers can expedite their business objectives with the OPN partners and get unique business solutions.

This is a marketplace for those seeking reliable business applications for their businesses, extending to the Oracle Cloud apps. The OPN program extends to a comprehensive line of services mainly SaaS, data management, security, cloud integration, artificial intelligence, blockchain services, and others.

Last June, UJET has raised $55 million in Series C funding to easily transition customer support agents to remote environments. As the shift to work-from-home increases, the company plans to integrate smartphone cameras for easy photos and video sharing for documentation purposes.