More unwelcome changes for Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is nearly upon us, and those using the Insider Program builds are finding some interesting, and unwelcome changes that are coming to the operating system.  One of the best methods of controlling Windows 10 Pro is through the Group Policy management console.  But Microsoft has decided that users do not need some of the options available in the past, and the Anniversary Update looks like it will offer less control for consumers unless they happen to have the Enterprise Edition, intended for business use.




One of the options now gone is the ability to disable the Lock Screen.  It seems that the lock screen and the logon screen are gradually being merged, and so Microsoft will no longer let Pro users have control over it.

A second option that is now gone is the ability to turn off Windows Tips.  Help tips can be useful the first few times, but they become less and less so for experienced users of the operating system.

One other change is the ability to turn off Microsoft Consumer Experiences.  Before Microsoft removed this control, you could stop promoted apps from being downloaded and installed using the Group Policy editor.  But now these applications, including Twitter, Flipper, Pandora, Candy Crush Soda Saga,  NetFlix, MSN News and others, are installed automatically for Windows 10 Home and Pro.  Enterprise and Education editions retain the ability to block such apps.

Microsoft is taking more control over the operating system with these steps, and causing more frustration for some of their most advanced users.  It is one more example of a system that wants to tell you how to use it, and what is, and isn’t appropriate, simply to advance Microsoft’s own agenda.  They are certainly not endearing themselves to those who are used to full control over their own computers.

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