Upgrading to Windows 10 and getting error code C1900101-30018? Here’s the fix!

Many users that want to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 can’t upgrade because of error code C1900101-30018. Several threads on the Microsoft Answers forums show that many users around the world receive the error message.


With about hundreds of millions of users upgrading to Windows 10, it’s not a surprise there are still a decent amount of users with issues. Previously we reported about error codes 80240020 and 80080080 which affected numerous of users but for which fixes are available.

The C1900101-30018 error appears to be caused by software that deeply integrates with the system, such as antivirus products, hardware drivers and software that claim to increase system performance.

One application that is often reported as being the cause of the C1900101-30018 error is TuneUp Utilities (also known as AVG PC TuneUp). By uninstalling that software (which might also be known by other names) the issue should be resolved and installation should continue as normal. For most users this solves the issue.

Because the TuneUp Utilities software might also be sold by different brand names, it’s advisable to remove all software that promises to increase your system’s performance.

If that doesn’t solve the error, uninstalling or disabling your antivirus software during the installation process might also solve the issue and some users report error C1900101-30018 disappeared after disconnecting their USB peripherals.