US Department of Homeland Security Uses ServiceNow Platform for COVID-19 Vaccine Management

As part of Operation Vaccinate Our Workforce (Operation VOW), the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced the use of ServiceNow’s platform to efficiently vaccinate 240,000 DHS workers.

Over 38,000 DHS workers have been vaccinated since the Operation VOW vaccination program started just more than a month ago. The 25,000 others who opted-in are waiting for their first dose of vaccine.

Since the beginning of Operation VOW, the number of vaccinated frontline employees has increased by over 21%. The rate at which DHS workers receive COVID-19 vaccines can vary based on their location because vaccine delivery is handled at the state level.

Homeland Security COVID-19 Vaccine Management

Through an inter-agency deal with the Veterans Health Administration, Operation VOW speeds up the voluntary vaccination process for DHS frontline workers at VA facilities.

The Self-Service Portal from ServiceNow provides customized experiences for all DHS workers. It will assist them to develop a better understanding of the process.

ServiceNow’s Vaccine Administration Management service is based on the company’s Customer Service Management platform. It seeks to make the distribution, administration, and monitoring of the vaccine more scalable.

When ServiceNow unveiled the platform, it said it was hoping to aid with the vaccine rollout’s last-mile problems, which have been hindered by disconnected outdated systems and data silos, along with other problems.

ServiceNow’s vaccine management systems let individuals opt-in or out of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. It also keeps those who do show interest aware of the latest updates, such as the best venue choices for obtaining walk-up vaccination.

Under the Now Platform, DHS has permitted geolocation services to deliver specific data, such as the nearest vaccine center, based on location. Over 160,000 DHS workers got vaccination alerts from ServiceNow within 24 hours.

Steve Walters, ServiceNow’s VP of Federal, said “To achieve the vaccination goals set forth by the Biden Administration, it is critical that federal agencies are equipped with the right tools that allow essential government employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations quickly and at scale.”

“The US Department of Homeland Security has successfully used ServiceNow’s vaccine management solutions to ensure more than 240,000 employees have the tools they need to find information and directly book COVID-19 vaccination appointments,” he added.

Updates to ServiceNow’s vaccine management system were also reported, such as a feature for providers to access vaccine inventory. Vaccine suppliers may use real-time inventory tracking to open, close, and reschedule appointments depending on the number of vaccines available.