USB Promotors Group published USB 3.2 specs – doubles bandwidth

Posted 28 September 2017 02:52 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

The USB 3.0 Promoters Group today published the USB 3.2 specifications. Devices supporting the new standard can utilize two 10 Gbit/s lanes which doubles the bandwidth compared to previous USB versions.

The USB 3.2 specification is now definitive which means manufacturers can start developing devices that make use of the new standard. It’s unknown when the first devices that make use of USB 3.2 will become available.

USB 3.2 has a maximum bandwidth of 20 Gbit/s (about 2000 MB/s), which is possible by using two 10 Gbit/s lanes. To make use of both lanes, chips with USB 3.2 support in both the host as the connecting device is required. Existing USB-C cables can be used to benefit from the increased speed, as long as they are SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbit/s certified.

Devices that adhere to the USB 3.2 specification are compatible with devices that make use of previous USB versions.

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