USB storage for Xbox 360 is here

Microsoft released a software update giving Xbox 360 owners the option of adding an external drive to the console today, confirming the story that we covered last month.

Each storage add-on is capped at 16GB, but Microsoft is allowing the connection of two drives to the console, for up to 32GB of external storage support. The ability to save content to a flash drive gives owners the ability to easily transport their game saves, downloaded files, and other content to another location.

Microsoft does require the flash drive to be larger than 1GB, so don’t bother trying to find a use for those ancient flash drives with 32MB of storage space.  The reason for the storage minimum is due to the drive being formatted specifically for the Xbox 360, with a required 512MB partition added to the drive.

USB storage for Xbox 360 is here

Anyone interested in the new USB storage support needs only to download the update via Xbox Live, with detailed instructions available on the Microsoft Xbox 360 support Web site.

The company heard complaints from some gamers who said they wanted additional storage options as they download more content.  Microsoft’s own memory card storage units are overpriced and low on capacity.

Microsoft and SanDisk will now offer official Xbox USB flash drives in 8GB and 16GB storage capacities — for $34.99 and $69.99 MSRP.  Interested gamers will be able to pick up the drives on May 5.

Microsoft is finally catching up with the Sony PlayStation 3 game console, which has offered numerous storage options to gamers.  The company also recently announced a 250GB Xbox 360 HDD for about $130.