Verizon to throttle LTE speed of users with ‘Unlimited’ plan

American telecom provider Verizon is going to throttle the top 5 percent of LTE users with unlimited data plans when its network is under heavy loads. Telecom authority FCC is sceptical.


Mobile operator Verizon Wireless will soon start to throttle its most active LTE users when their network is very busy. The customers affected are those with an ‘unlimited’ data plan. Verizon would rather sell them data bundles instead of unlimited access.

The measure is seen as a disguised punished for users with an unlimited plan and an unfriendly way to try to convince them to buy the relative more expensive data bundles. According to Verizon it’s not doing anything wrong, it argues it’s only bandwidth management is widely accepted and used.


Telecom authority FCC doesn’t agree and states bandwidth management should not be used to squeeze customers that paid for an unlimited data plan.