Virtana Partners with Pure Storage for AI-Powered Platform

Hybrid cloud migration and optimization recently disclosed its collaboration with Pure Storage, a storage-as-a-service information technology company. AIthority reported that the partnership will incorporate FlashArray and VirtualWisdom products by the respective companies.

This move comes as a way to address the lack of visibility and insight in IT systems experienced by 47% of enterprises. The collaboration seeks to provide real-time insights into various aspects of IT systems including consumption, performance, and service levels.

Overall, the combination of FlashArray products by Pure Storage and the VirtualWisdom platform by Virtana aims to improve performance and cost-efficiency. It also intends to help businesses make critical decisions.

Pure Storage for AI-Powered Platform

Pure Storage has always been geared toward simplifying the IT systems and providing optimal business results. Its FlashArray line is part of its Modern Data Experience, which intends to provide “an all-flash, agile, simple, and Evergreen platform for data storage,” as per AIthority.

With Modern Data Experience, customers are given the chance to benefit from advanced software, compute and storage media innovations without disruptions.

Meanwhile, Virtana’s VirtualWisdom platform works to guarantee top performance and availability of workloads using artificial intelligence-based monitoring and automation.

To provide the intended service brought by this collaborating, Virtana’s AI-powered platform takes the visibility offered by an infrastructure stack composed of computing, cloud, and network and combines it with FlashArray’s elements.

Specifically, elements that would be utilized in this partnership includes better visibility and real-time insights into resource usage and mission-critical applications.

The integration of the benefits offered by the two companies’ products and platforms is expected to equip enterprises with the resources to better understand gathered data, assign workloads efficiently, and diagnose and resolve issues prior to being detected by staff.

This is also expected to offer scalable solutions that can automatically alert personnel about infrastructure service levels. With this SLAs: VirtualWisdowm system, thresholds can be adjusted or scaled in either direction.

Pure Storage director of emerging technology alliances Ian Wheat said, “Our customers rely on relevant insights provided by out tools about the FlashArray platform.”

When combined with Virtana’s extensive experience in AI-powered monitoring and analytics, the platform can “help many customers avoid costly and time-consuming investigations into problem areas.”

Virtana chief technology officer John Gentry was also optimistic about this partnership and is positive that “this integration optimized all possible benefits for enterprises.” The company has over 260 global clients and partners.