VOB to MPEG converter DVDVob2Mpg 2.0 Beta released

Peter van Hove has released a new version of his free VOB to MPEG converting software, DVDVob2Mpg. You might know Peter as he’s also the author of the well known data recovery software Isobuster. The software is designed to solve issues with playback of VOB and VRO files.



These files are containers for MPEG video and often also contain other data which can cause issues when you want to play them in with software like Windows Media Player. Problems that might arise are  timing issues, not being able to show the progress properly, no way to skip forward, crashes, missing audio, audio off sync, only showing the first 5 seconds of the video etc.


When you suffer from that, DVDVob2Mpg comes to the rescue, as it fixes the MPEG stream and converts your VOB/VRO files to MPG file without any loss of quality. More information about the method the software uses can be found on the DVDVob2Mpg website.

Here’s the changelog of version 2.0

  • Ability to process more than one files with a single click of the button
  • Ability to create one single MPG files from several VOB files (that come from the same source, so similar encoding etc.)
  • Now also works on MPG1 files, not just MPG2 (Video DVD) files
  • Added command line parameter “/1″ to create one single mpg file
  • Improved command line parameters “/i:” and “/o:” to support multiple files

More information and downloads can be found here.