VSCO Shifts to Video Format, Unveils Montage Editing Tool

Renowned photo editing app VSCO continues to shift its focus towards video this 2020. With its acquisition of Rylo in 2019, the company finally allowed users to upload video content on their social feed in February. In line with its video-focused efforts, VSCO has also introduced its newest editing tool called Montage.

VSCO’s newest editing feature aims to help bring more customers on board. Its latest Montage tool is also aimed towards the younger generation’s interest in various social media platforms. Among the popular platforms, today are Instagram Stories, TikTok, and Byte.

Although the company already allows VSCO users to utilize its existing templates and features for videos, Tech Crunch states members are largely limited in what they can do. Among the features and edits, individuals can use are the filters as well as applying minor adjustments to the video, such as manipulating exposure, saturation, and the like.

VSCO Video Format

Montage, however, is a wholly different approach to editing. Touted as a comprehensive complex video editing powerhouse, this new feature gives users access to a wide range of video editing features. These include the ability to experiment and step outside the box in order to produce a video format that’s akin to a collage finish.


The editing tool boasts of layering videos on top of each other, as well as stacking photos, shapes, and colors on top as well.

Individuals may also customize the aspect ratio and choose the layout of the end result. Then, users may freely add their desired images or clips to create their scenes.

While the company maintains that there’s no limit to the layers and depth created via Montage, it can only limit the final cut to two minutes. Files that bank on a number of scenes will be saved under the .mov format. Meanwhile, those that are only comprised of a single scene will fall under the .jpg format, notes The Verge.

The resulting format can only be saved via its subscription service valued at $19.99 per year, reports Engadget. However, individuals who are not on subscription may still utilize Montage. The free use of service, however, does not allow users to save the video or file in question.


In a statement to The Verge, senior product designer at VSCO Maggie Carson Jurow said, “We’re hoping, too, that this becomes a new format, defined as a montage, that can reach beyond the ecosystem of VSCO.”