WD’s second acquisition in a month: Velobit SSD caching software

Western Digital today announced it acquired SSD and RAM caching software developer Velobit. It’s the second company Western Digital has acquired within a month. At the end of June the company announced the acquisition of sTec, a manufacturer of enterprise SSD solutions. Velobit will be integrated in HGST, a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital.  The company hopes to strengthen its enterprise and datacenter proposition with both acquisitions.


Velobit was founded in 2010and  is best known for their HyperCache software, used to increase performance by caching data in RAM or on SSDs. The company has another product called vBoost software that can help with reducing the number of hard drives and servers that are needed to meet performance demands of virtual desktops. Velobit expects that the acquisition will enable them to continue to expand their range of products and services.