WhatsApp enables VOIP calling feature for all Android users

The Voice Over IP (VOIP) feature of WhatsApp can now be used by everyone using the messaging app on Android. Previously the service worked with invites, an user had to be called by someone with the feature enabled in order to enable it for him.


WhatsApp now appears to have silently enabled the feature for everyone, but it’s unclear when exactly. Last Thursday the feature was still limited available. Users don’t have to update their WhatsApp in order to use the feature. When the version of the instant messaging app released on the 14th of March 14th is installed, the feature should become automatically available.

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum hinted on the change on Twitter, he tweeted the famous first words that were ever sent over a phone connection. For now the VOIP calling feature only works on Android, when it will become available for iOS remains unknown but WhatsApp has stated, “soon”.


Due to the limited availability, the WhatsApp VOIP feature was also a target of scammers.