Whatsapp introduces web client

WhatsApp has introduced a webclient. Users can connect WhatsApp to their smartphone and are then able to chat with their friends through the WhatsApp website. The web version supports desktop notifications so users are notified of new WhatsApp messages even when not checking the web page.


WhatsApp announced the webversion Wednesday. To use the messaging application in the browser, an user has to connect the web version of WhatsApp to his phone by scanning a QR code. In order to do so,  the latest version of WhatsApp is required.

The phone needs to remain online, once the phone is no longer connected to the internet the WhatsApp web client will no longer work. That’s because of the way WhatsApp stores it data, all messages are delivered to the phone, and once received by the phone they’re deleted from the server.


The web version of WhatsApp is supported in combination with the WhatsApp Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry application. The web version doesn’t support iOS, due to “platform restrictions” of Apple.