Window XP market share went slightly up last month – despite no support anymore

Next month it’s been exactly a year since Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP support.  Nevertheless, users of the outdated operating system don’t seem to be planning to upgrade, according to numbers released by Net Applications and StatCounter. The research companies even report a slight increase in Windows XP market share.


The numbers released by Net Applications and Statcounter are often criticized, mainly because they regularly differ a lot from each other, but in this case they both show the same trend. According to Net Applications Windows XP gained 0.2% market share in February compared to January, while also StatCounter reports the same 0.2% growth in XP computers. Net Applications reports that Windows XP is on 19.2% of all computers, while StatCounter reports that the 13 year old operating system is installed on 12.2% of the computers they measured.

Both research companies agree that Windows 7 continues to be the operating system with the largest market share, they both report the OS is on about 55% of all PCs.


On Windows 8.1 market share both companies don’t agree. Net Applications reports a market share of 10.5% while StatCounter reports 14.8%. Both do seem to agree that the growth of Windows 8.1 is stagnating, likely due to the upcoming release of Windows 10, expected later this year.