Windows 10 April Update will be released today

Microsoft has announced it will release the Windows 10 April 2018 Update today. The update comes later than expected because Microsoft found some issues when it initially released the update. The company usually releases updates gradually, so it can detect issues before the update is installed on all systems.

Windows 10 April Update will be released today


That’s also the reason why the Windows 10 April 2018 Update won’t automatically appear on all systems yet. A manual check might help if you’re eager to try the update.

The update will bring several new features to Windows 10 of which the biggest feature is Timeline. By pressing Windows Key + Tab, the feature will show a chronological timeline of all applications and documents that were recently opened on all Windows devices. This means Windows 10 will keep track of all your activities. It makes it possible to start to work on a document on one PC and then continue to work on it on another PC. That is possible because Microsoft synchronizes the document in the cloud (this can be disabled).

Timeline also works with mobile devices, if Edge or Office is installed on your mobile device, the activities on those devices can also be viewed from your Windows 10 computer.

Edge will also get an update with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Microsoft has added the ability to mute tabs and allows users to store payment details, so it can be automatically filled in when applicable.

Another new feature is called Dictation. After pressing Windows Key+H you can tell your PC what you want to write. The voice to speech engine of Dictate will automatically write what you’ve said. The feature should work with most text inputs fields.

With Focus Assist, Microsoft has added the ability to temporarily mute notifications. This should ensure users aren’t disturbed when focusing on some work. It’s also possible to enable Focus Assist on set times and with filters it’s possible to choose which notifications you do want to see when Focus Assist is enabled.