“Windows 10 Redstone adds touchscreen support and higher resolutions to Continuum”

An update to Windows 10 called Redstone that should be released this summer should bring touchscreen support and higher resolutions to Continuum, according to the German website Winfuture. Redstone is the codename of the next large update to Windows 10 and the successor to the large Threshold update as released in November last year.



The update is released in two parts, one will see the light this summer the other one is scheduled for fall this year. Redstone will likely bring many new features but not much is known yet especially because the latest Windows 10 updates seem to mainly have improvements ‘under the hood’.

Winfuture now claims to have received information from a large PC manufacturer that has provided the site with details on several interesting innovations that should become part of Redstone and that should especially  bring improvements to Microsoft Continuum feature. This feature allows Windows 10 smartphones to connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse to provide a desktop-like experience.

According to Winfuture Continuum will support touchscreen monitors, in addition to the current supported mouse and keyboard (and touchpad on the phone). Another much wanted new functionality is the support of higher resolution. Continuum should support 2K monitors after the Redstone update.

Also the performance of wireless transfers should be improved with more quality settings.

These improvements likely aim to make the change between mobile usage and desktop usage through Continuum of Windows 10 smartphones as seamless as possible.