Windows 10: Surprisingly low number of users have Anniversary Update installed

While the number of users who installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update doubled within a month, only one third of the Windows 10 users has upgraded. The information comes from market research company AdDuplex, Microsoft hasn’t released any official information.


The RedStone 1 update, as the Anniversary Update was codenamed inside Microsoft, became available on August 2nd this year. It’s also known as Windows 10 Build 1607 and the chart released by AdDuplex shows that 34.5% of all Windows 10 desktop users is on the latest Windows 10 Update. The majority of the Windows 10 desktop users are still on build 1511. Only 5.1% is still on the Windows 10 RTM version, the first Windows 10 version released.

Only a very small number of Windows 10 users is already on RedStone 2 (RS2) the successor of the Anniversary Update.