‘Windows 10 to receive first major update in November this year’

Windows 10 will get its first major update in November this year. The large ‘Fall Update’ will add several improvements but Microsoft will not change the name of the operating system, according to Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott who claims to have received the information from a trusted source.


The update will receive version number 1511 which is a reference to the month November and year 2015. It will introduce several changes such as an improved Media Creation Tool, new locales and other new features for Cortana, and various Edge improvements. Thurrott stresses that the Edge update won’t add the expected add-ons, which would mean also Chrome extensions work on the default browser of Windows 10.

The new Cortana features should allow users to send SMS messages on a PC and Microsoft has added an extra row for applications to the start menu.


Once the Fall Update is released it will be the Windows 10 version users receive when upgrading from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Windows 10 users will see “Windows 10 November 2015” in Windows Update, which will install like any other update.