“Windows 10 to support 3D Touch technology”

References in the today leaked Windows 10 build indicate that the operating system might support 3D Touch and a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. According to @WalkingCat, a known Microsoft watcher, there are references in Windows 10 that indicate Microsoft is adding support for 3D Touch.myce-windows-10-3d-touch

The 3D Touch technology uses hardware sensor sensors to detect gestures made above the touch screen. It could be used to scroll or flip pages without actually touching the screen. The technology isn’t new on mobile devices, Samsung has Air Gestures which let you control your mobile device by making specific movements with your hand above the proximity and gesture sensors.

Microsoft already has Kinect for the PC,which also allows users to control their computer using gestures, but according to WalkingCat the references he found in Windows 10 are different. Kinect sensors target the entire skeleton, while the 3D Touch technology is focussed on hands.

WalkingCat also found references in the operating system that could mean Microsoft also has added support for project Fortaleza which is rumored to be a VR headset for the Xbox One.