Windows 10 Update build 10041 to 10049 stuck for many

The update from Windows 10 build 10041 to the latest version, build 10049, appears to be an annoyance for many users. On internet forums they complain the upgrade process is stuck for hours. The majority of the users complain that the update hangs at the 3x% mark and that it takes hours before the upgrade completes.


The first complaints were posted below Microsoft’s announcement of the new build, two weeks ago. One user writes, “The installation has been stuck at 34% – Repairing to install updates – for hours. Just tried restarting and some other troubleshooting, but whenever I go to check for updates the fbl_impressive 10049 Professional update fails to impress/install.”

Another user writes on the Microsoft Technet Forum, “Thrice I did restart and revert to the previous build (this works seamlessly). Moreover, the process is incredibly slow – the 30% were reached after about 10 hrs.”


The time it takes to install appears to be addressed by Microsoft, which also mentions that the the builds might take up more disk space than anticipated. A Microsoft Support Engineer writes, “We have a bug, which in some cases is causing setup to download all available language packs during the installation of Builds 10041 and 10049.  We believe this is the cause of both of these issues.  It may also result in a few unexpected folders appearing on your desktop or in File Explorer.”

For these issues the Support Engineer also has posted fix , by typing “Lpksetup /u” on the command line as administrator, an interface for uninstalling language packs appears.

Unfortunately the fix doesn’t appear to address the issues of all users. Many users report to have 100s of GBs of disk space available but still have an installation that gets stuck for hours. When the installation hits the 3x% mark it’s “Applying PC settings”.

Despite the time it takes, for most users the upgrade eventually completes. It’s not an option to restart the computer, when the upgrade is interrupted it will revert back to a previous build and the entire process goes all over again.

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